Cost of Grants are on the Move

Cost of Grants are on the Move

Publish Date: May 1, 2010
Ref: Applied Clinical Trials

Clinical grant expenditures represent a major portion of the budget for later phase clinical trials. While the relative cost of conducting a clinical trial in a specific geography is not the sole driver in the decision of where to place study sites, relative costs do play a role.

Each year, TTC reports on the relative costs of clinical grants around the world, drawing upon data in the GrantPlan database. Subscribers to this database conduct over 76% of all the commercial clinical trials.

The data show that the United States remains the most expensive country for clinical grants, followed by the United Kingdom. Newer geographies for clinical research such as Eastern Europe, “Latin America”, and Asia are distinctly less expensive.

However, clinical grant costs in these newer research areas are increasing more rapidly than in North America and Europe . The United States and Western Europe (excluding the UK) have been averaging 1% to 2% annual increases. In contrast, clinical grants in the new geographies are increasing at rates over 12%.—TTC. (Reference Table Patient Costs in Phase II-III Trials)

Patient costs in Phase II-III Trials