Why The ESTERN Medical CRO Group Across Latin America?

ESTERN Medical CRO in Latin America

ESTERN Medical CRO was established in USA & Latin America in 2002, We are one of the the top full Clinical Research Organizations leaders across the region, offering Pharmaceutical & Medical Device companies more local resources than any other CRO.

Our competitive advantage and market leadership are marked by extensive clinical development experience in 21 countries across the North & South American regions.

Our Leadership & Experience across Latin America:

We provide our clients the experience and understanding they need to navigate the region’s culture and regulatory environment, and offer the advantage of working with experienced investigators eager to participate in clinical trials.

Our expansive range of CRO services include clinical trial management and monitoring, regulatory affairs, medical affairs and site selection, pharmacovigilance, investigational product management, clinical quality assurance and contract support for US/FDA & EU-EMEA trials.

With our regional offices in USA, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Argentina, we provide clinical trial coverage across North & South America Latin American regions.

Why Latin American Region’s Advantages?

With a patient potential availability: With approximately 560 million people, Latin America offers a large population for patient enrollment in clinical trials.

Lower costs: Site and investigator costs are lower than in the USA or Europe.

Fast patient enrollment: A highly urbanized population – more than 80 percent of the population live in big urban metropolis areas such As Mexico City, Bogota, Colombia, Santiago, Chile, Buenos Aires Argentina & Sao Paolo, Brazil – This to say fewer competing clinical trials facilitate patient enrollment.

Quality clinical study execution: Broad Medical providers in the region are highly trained clinicians regionally and postdoctoral trained in the USA & EU with knowledgeable trial expertise.

ESTERN Medical CRO in Mexico

With our regional offices in Mexico City since 2002, ESTERN is one of the first CRO in the country and attuned to the local regulations and customs.

Our strong ties with local health professionals and use of talent from the country’s academic institutions benefit clients trials.

Our CRO Services & Experience:

Therapeutic experience in various areas including cardiovascular, central nervous system, hematology/oncology, infectious diseases and respiratory

Mexico offers a large population of "111 million" treatment-naïve and eager patients, enabling fast enrollment. Also, the country’s well-established regulatory environment and strong intellectual patent protection help secure investments, while motivated and qualified medical professionals make up a vast pool of research talent for clinical trials.

ESTERN Medical CRO in Chile

Having established its Chilean office in 2005, ESTERN is well-versed in the country’s regulatory, medical and cultural issues. Our detailed knowledge helps us maintain a productive clinical research environment and keeps our clients’ trials on track and on budget.

Our CRO Services & Experience:

Therapeutic experience in various areas including cardiovascular, central nervous system, endocrine/metabolic disease, hematology/oncology, infectious diseases, respiratory and systemic hormonal preparations, MRI/MRA, Diagnostics, Interventional Cardiology.

Strong ties with investigators and hospital centers with a country population overall population of "17 million".

Patients in Chile are generally eager to receive treatments they otherwise could not afford, which expedites patient enrollment timelines. Also, the country’s fast economic growth, high literacy rate and good health care infrastructure make Chile a productive environment for clinical research.

ESTERN Medical CRO in Colombia

ESTERN Medical understands how to work within Colombia regulatory environment to offer clients quality research, fast trial enrollment and expedited drug development. We tap into the country’s unique disease demographics to help clients develop multiple therapies.

Having established its Colombian office in 2005, ESTERN is one of the pioneers of top International CROs breaking ground in novel region with a fast track regulatory agency.

Our CRO Services & Experience:

Therapeutic experience in various areas including endocrine/metabolic, hematology/oncology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and rheumatology

Clear understanding of the regulatory approval process and patient population.

The country’s population of more than "46 million" enables access to many treatment-naïve patients. Also, a clearly defined, efficient regulatory environment creates a streamlined drug approval process, while experienced sites and staff create a productive research environment

ESTERN Medical CRO in Argentina

ESTERN Medical is well established services in Argentina, which has one of the most advanced health care systems in Latin America. We leverage the country’s health care infrastructure to provide clients quick access to investigators and patients.

Our CRO Services & Experience:

Therapeutic experience in various areas including cardiovascular, central nervous system, diabetes, immunology, infectious diseases, metabolic disease, oncology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, pharmacokinetics, pulmonary, reproductive, respiratory, rheumatology and vaccines

Feasibility assessment to speed access to investigators and patients. Argentina demographic population is more than "40 million".

Argentina has a large pool of treatment-naïve patients, which ensures accurate assessments of drug efficacy. In addition to an advanced health care infrastructure, other key reasons to conduct clinical trials in Argentina include highly experienced investigators and shorter regulatory timelines compared to some other countries in the region.