Claudia M. Hernandez Castro. B.S., RPT., MRI-Tech.

Claudia M. Hernandez Castro. B.S., RPT. & MRI-Tech.

Director Clinical Operations U.S. North America & Latin America

Mrs. Hernandez joined ESTERN Medical in April 2008 with an extensive broad clinical and research technical support training in the field of cardiology-peripheral diagnostics area and brought a diverse combination of scientific and business expertise, encompassing both clinical and research training

Mrs. Hernandez most recently was the senior manager of clinical, technical and education training support for Medrad Inc. a subsidiary of Bayer-Schering Pharma AG, where she initiated a strategy that helped transform Medrad Inc. in Latin America from a distribution platform company to a fully independent clinical and training network structure in South America. Ms. Hernandez spent 10 years with Medrad Inc. culminating in her role with two of the most important company platforms, the Avanta cardiovascular interventional injector and most important the Stellant Dual Injector System for Multi-slice CT clinical support training for the Latin American region.

Prior to joining Medrad Inc., she was the senior manager of clinician MRI specialist for Siemens Medical Latin America with diverse responsibility from clinical training through commercialization. Previous to her experience in the pharmaceutical & medical device industry she endure her clinical experience as a chief of MRI technologist in South America and as clinical physical therapist where she did practice as clinician for more than 10 years.

Mrs. Hernandez is internationally well recognized for her broad expertise in clinical and diagnostic field, in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the field of cardiovascular, peripheral vascular diseases, interventional cardiology and diagnostic CT, MRI imaging.

Mrs. Hernandez holds BS in Clinical & Physical Therapy from the University of the Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia and Masters in Technical Diagnostic Imaging from the University of Santander in Bogotá, Colombia.